Liz Bobeck, Liz the Real Estate Wiz, has a degree in Psychology from Georgia College, a Culinary Degree from the Arts Institute of Atlanta and a number of the Real Estate Certificates. Liz has worked with investors to buy and sell over 300 condominiums as well as over 100 Single Family Homes. With over 600 transactions under her belt since 2005, you can be confident Liz Bobeck has seen every issue to help you find the perfect home in your neighborhood. 

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Liz Bobeck

Liz was the consumate professional in helping us buy our house in Ponte Vedra. She has good knowledge of many neighborhoods in the Jacksonville area. She was the filter in directing us to the right places and right price points. She has great patience, showed us everything we wanted to see, spent  all day if necessary, and took us back to as many houses as we wanted to review again. Liz also has a professional relationship with many brokers and that helped us understand each house with their pros and cons. She also had patience in waiting for us to make an offer when we were comfortable to do so and never pressured us when we weren't ready. In the end we got we wanted, in the area we wanted at the price we felt was right for the property. I would recommend Liz with great confidence that others will have the same experience.

Mark and Katherine L